• So you've taken the first step and begun a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. "Now what?" you may be asking. Well, we're glad you want to know! First of all, we have provided some videos to help you on this journey. Each month we will be adding another video that will provide practical steps in the journey of discovering God's purpose for your life. In addition, we've provided some really easy "Next Steps" to help you grow in your walk with God. Happy hiking!
  • Next Steps
    • 1. Get Personal
    • Our relationship with God is intensely personal. After all, He gave His life for us. You cannot get any more personal than that. You matter to God my friend! Therefore, He wants to grow that relationship with us. No relationship can grow without communication. God wants to speak to you, and He wants to hear from you as well. How can we do this?
      • Read your Bible. The Bible is God's personal letter to us about life and about His Son...Jesus Christ. If you want to know God's heart, then read His Words. (If you don't have a Bible you can understand easily, pick up one of the Next Step bags that are by the Tithe boxes or at the Information Booth at Discover. They've got a Bible and some other goodies in them, and they are there for you!
      • Pray. Learn to talk to God about everything. Not in a religious way, but in a personal way. After all, He is our "Heavenly Father." Prayer is simply talking to God. Be honest, be real, be open and it will draw you closer to Him.
    • 2. Get Connected
      All of us need help in this journey of life. Leonardo Di Vinci once said, "An arch is simply two weak pieces that when leaning on each other, they become strong." That is the same way it is with us. When we have others around us to help us in the journey, that will help us in fulfilling God's purpose for our lives. So...how can we get connected?
      • If there is ANYTHING we here at Discover Church can do to help you on this journey, please don't hesitate to contact us. May God bless you! We are looking forward to seeing what God does through your life.
      • Make the decision to be baptized. One of the first steps of obedience in your journey with Christ is baptism, and it's a symbol to the world that your heart belongs to God. We have yet to meet anyone that regretted getting baptized. It will be a day you will never forget. More information
    • 3. Get Dunked
      Lastly, get connected in a Community Group. These are a great way to develop friendships with others who are on the same journey that you just began.
      Find a Community Group
      • Begin attending Discover More on Wednesday night at 6:30 pm. Discover More is there to help you better connect with God and with others in your church family. This time includes worship, Bible study, and ends with a time for our small groups (Community Groups) to meet.
      • Attend church regularly. You have to keep a coal in the fire for it to remain hot. In order for us to remain "hot" for God, we need to keep ourselves in the fire. Attending church faithfully helps us to connect with God and not "cool" off. It also provides training for all of life's situations and circumstances we face.